“She loves horror movies, but she’s terrified of bees,” by Andre Lamar

I had the pleasure of working with a reporter for a humorous Halloween article on phobias this month. I was surprised to see my photo and the article he wrote about me and my bee phobia on the front page of the news this morning at my local Wawa! It was a pleasure working with Andre Lamar of the #doverpost. To read the full article online please visit: http://www.scsuntimes.com/news/20171025/she-loves-horror-movies-but-shes-terrified-of-bees

The 10 Best Steak Houses of Delaware

Picture it – you’re driving down the road with the window open just a crack.  While taking in the scent of the crisp, autumn air you smell something tantalizing and familiar.  Your mouth starts to water and your belly rumbles a growl at you to make a u-turn back towards that scent. It’s time to try one of the 10 best steak houses in Delaware by Cindy Cavett.


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