Kind to Kids Foundation – My Blue Duffel Community Service Day

When a random email arrived in my inbox, I very nearly hit the delete button before realizing the event being highlighted wasn’t spam. I noticed a teddy bear in the headline of the email and took a closer look. What I found was a small explanation of a huge event taking place right here in Delaware today at the Chase Center on the Riverfront.

kind to kids

The Kind to Kids Foundation held its My Blue Duffel Community Service Day today where over 500 participants came to assemble no-sew blankets and duffel bags filled with books, socks, toothbrushes/pastes, coloring books, crayons and huggable teddy bears for children who are victims of child abuse, neglect or trauma in the state of Delaware foster care system. A note of hope was included with each care package from the assembler.

Moms Note kids in kind
This note was sent from my mom with her care package.

Included in today’s event was WJBR’s Charlie Maxx, live music provided by the Club Phred Band, activities for children in the fun zone such as face painting & balloon animals and a buffet lunch. The Wilmington River Rocks mascot “Rocky,” walked around to pump up the spirit of Duffel Bag assemblers and WJBR’s mascot J. Bear posed with children for photos.

Tracey Carney and Lisa Rochester-Blunt thanked the staff, volunteers, and donors on behalf of the children of Delaware for all of their help, donations, and countless hours.

lisa rochester blunt
Lisa Rochester-Blunt recognizing the work of Kind to Kids and DE Children’s Department Director, Carla Benson Green.

Having the ability to participate in such a cause is not just priceless but eye-opening. At the end of the event, if you stand in the front of the conference room you can see hundreds of bears and duffel bags lined up waiting to go to their new homes. Each bear and bag represents an abused child in our state.

I am thankful that the Kind to Kids Organization administers these endeavors for our community to join together and help our children by giving them supplies that they need, a warm blanket and a bear to hug. For more information about the Kind to Kids Foundation, please visit

Bears everywhere
Thank you, Delaware, for making a difference in the lives of over 500 Delaware foster children.


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