A New Camera

While some bloggers start out with a camera in their hand, then transfer their thoughts about what they see on paper, I went in the opposite direction. I began many moons ago, by describing what I saw with ink, then took to photographing the world years later. Albeit, I am not a professional photographer and I don’t have aspirations of being one. However, I highly admire skilled and talented photographers and have always wanted to pursue it as a hobby.

Now that my writing is taking off with a fury, it’s become apparent to me that I want to capture more of life’s moments by more than just pen. Armed with my camera phone, I set about in doing just that. I quickly realized that when magnified, camera phone photos just don’t seem to do the job for blogging and writing articles. Even the latest and great iPhone is still lacking compared to real-life cameras. But I stuck with what I had, and still enjoyed every minute of photo-hunting.

Just this past Christmas, my in-laws gave my husband and I a new camera. Oh, it’s not just any camera. It’s the perfect camera for someone like me who is just starting to get her feet wet in this incredible hobby. The Nikon Coolpix B500. This camera has more zoom than I have ever zoomed before.


I know some people might wonder, why write about a camera? For me, a camera is not just a box with a lens. It’s a medium that gives the ability to help capture this world through my eyes. And even then, I still struggle with the right lighting, the right angle, time of day, subject, movement, etc. But I am learning. So far, I have caught birds in flight,  waves frozen in the ocean, flags blowing in the winter breeze, and the moon in its delicate, crescent sliver, hiding from the setting sun.

I took our camera out for a test drive on January 21st and came away with 253 images. I’m finally on my way to using a real camera for my writing and enjoyment. I took photos of the Delaware beaches including Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach, and Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. I will post the album soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a very special photo that I wound up playing in Photoshop with tonight. I have no idea who the mother and son in the photo are, but his love for his mother was apparent, He patiently helped her out of the car, held her purse, and led her to the edge of a frozen lake on a sunny, Sunday afternoon. The love radiated from them and I felt it. I am not much of a poet, but I tried to express my thoughts about their visit in a small way to hopefully match the sentiment of the photo. I hope you’ll enjoy this moment, too.

Neverending Love
A Mother’s Love is Never Ending, by Cindy Cavett

This is one of the many shots I took along Bethany Beach. I almost submitted this one to the 7th Annual Delaware State Employee Art Exhibition contest by the Delaware Division of the Arts and the National Arts program, but I went with another image instead. This boardwalk scene still speaks volumes to me, and I’m sure I could come up with a hundred more thoughts to go along with it. I chose instead to focus on the path to success and beating the waves of resistance. The wind is usually strong at the beach, and on this particular day, it reminded me of how much strength it takes to resist giving up when you’re on your path to success and meet difficult battles head-on.


Ride the Waves of Resistance
Learn to Ride the Waves of Resistance, by Cindy Cavett


I don’t think my in-laws will ever understand how such a small gift can make a lasting impression. I am forever grateful for having been given the chance to use this tool to help portray this beautiful world that surrounds us with never-ending beauty, inspiration, hope, and peace. Thank you, Ron, Barb, and Alex, for the gift of photography.

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