Spending the Holidays in Delaware: Ten Unique Holiday Experiences

Delaware is known for its beaches, businesses and vast farmlands, but did you know that it is also home to holiday events and experiences exclusive to the first state? We all know that the holiday season is filled with hustle and bustle, but some of us forget to make new holiday memories that will last a lifetime. My latest blog for Coastal Delaware features ten ways to spend the holidays unique to the first state. In it, you can find details on events that span a weekend, several days, or even weeks. There is something for everyone of every age in our beautiful state, so grab a cup of hot cocoa and take in a new holiday experience with your loved ones this season!

Rockwood Mansion at Christmastime

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Kind to Kids Foundation – My Blue Duffel Community Service Day

When a random email arrived in my inbox, I very nearly hit the delete button before realizing the event being highlighted wasn’t spam. I noticed a teddy bear in the headline of the email and took a closer look. What I found was a small explanation of a huge event taking place right here in Delaware today at the Chase Center on the Riverfront.

kind to kids

The Kind to Kids Foundation held its My Blue Duffel Community Service Day today where over 500 participants came to assemble no-sew blankets and duffel bags filled with books, socks, toothbrushes/pastes, coloring books, crayons and huggable teddy bears for children who are victims of child abuse, neglect or trauma in the state of Delaware foster care system. A note of hope was included with each care package from the assembler.

Moms Note kids in kind
This note was sent from my mom with her care package.

Included in today’s event was WJBR’s Charlie Maxx, live music provided by the Club Phred Band, activities for children in the fun zone such as face painting & balloon animals and a buffet lunch. The Wilmington River Rocks mascot “Rocky,” walked around to pump up the spirit of Duffel Bag assemblers and WJBR’s mascot J. Bear posed with children for photos.

Tracey Carney and Lisa Rochester-Blunt thanked the staff, volunteers, and donors on behalf of the children of Delaware for all of their help, donations, and countless hours.

lisa rochester blunt
Lisa Rochester-Blunt recognizing the work of Kind to Kids and DE Children’s Department Director, Carla Benson Green.

Having the ability to participate in such a cause is not just priceless but eye-opening. At the end of the event, if you stand in the front of the conference room you can see hundreds of bears and duffel bags lined up waiting to go to their new homes. Each bear and bag represents an abused child in our state.

I am thankful that the Kind to Kids Organization administers these endeavors for our community to join together and help our children by giving them supplies that they need, a warm blanket and a bear to hug. For more information about the Kind to Kids Foundation, please visit

Bears everywhere
Thank you, Delaware, for making a difference in the lives of over 500 Delaware foster children.


Park Place Jewelers for Metropolitan Magazine by Cindy Cavett

I had the privilege of working with Park Place Jewelers on my first article featured in the November issue of the Metropolitan Magazine. The article details the store’s new location opening in January 2018 in Park Place Plaza. The Metropolitan Magazine is distributed to over 28,000 customers in the DelMarVa region. For more information and to read my latest publication, please click here. Thank you!

“She loves horror movies, but she’s terrified of bees,” by Andre Lamar

I had the pleasure of working with a reporter for a humorous Halloween article on phobias this month. I was surprised to see my photo and the article he wrote about me and my bee phobia on the front page of the news this morning at my local Wawa! It was a pleasure working with Andre Lamar of the #doverpost. To read the full article online please visit:

The 10 Best Steak Houses of Delaware

Picture it – you’re driving down the road with the window open just a crack.  While taking in the scent of the crisp, autumn air you smell something tantalizing and familiar.  Your mouth starts to water and your belly rumbles a growl at you to make a u-turn back towards that scent. It’s time to try one of the 10 best steak houses in Delaware by Cindy Cavett.


Ocean City Memorial Benches Represent Family, Friends and Loved Ones

Earlier this year, an article regarding the Ocean City, Maryland Memorial Benches that I had written for went viral.  Not many people know that the Memorial Benches now come with a clause that states owners need to pay well over $1,000 every 10 years in order to continue the plaque on the Memorial Bench that they purchased. Memorial Bench owners were both surprised and emotional when it came to the news, particularly since the original contracts did not have this clause.  I was recently in the town of Ocean City enjoying a cup of coffee from Starbucks on the boardwalk when I noticed a woman walking up the boards using her phone as a flashlight over each memorial bench. I realized she was looking for someone’s name.  Here was this stranger, searching frantically for the correct plaque while people strolled by or sat down on the benches to rest their feet.  I felt for her, and hoped that she would find the right bench and enjoy the memory of her loved one.  For more on this and other local DelMarVa stories, please visit

The 10 Best Candy Shops in Delaware!

Halloween is right around the corner, and what is one of the most important topics on every child’s mind during this autumnal time of year?  Candy!  Delaware has some of the most amazing candy shops right here in our own backyard.  Step into a boutique like Edie Bee’s of Lewes where you can dip metal scoops into glass jars filled with candies sorted throughout the store by color.  They will have you coming back with friends and family to “ooh” and “aah” them as they relive their youth.  Or travel to Byler’s in Dover where you can purchase candy in bulk for your holiday baking needs. Whatever you decide, make sure to check out this list for the 10 Best Candy Shops of Delaware first so you’ll be set on where to get your next sugary delights.

10 Best Garden Centers and Nurseries in Delaware

While the summer may be coming to an end, and back-to-school season is looming on the horizon, many of us have transitioned our gardening plans to the end of the warm summer season and preparing for the fall/winter.  Whether you are planning on sprucing up your lawn with plugging/seeding or designing a new look in preparation for summer 2018, the 10 Best Garden Centers and Nurseries in Delaware will help you in locating the best garden and nursery center for your property’s needs.

Top 10 Children’s Activities in Delaware

With the solar eclipse fast approaching, children young and young at heart are anticipating the long-awaited moment where the sun and moon will cross each other’s paths.  In Delaware, we can see a partial eclipse Monday afternoon between 2 – 4 PM. There is an Eclipse event happening right at our very own Delaware Aerospace Education Foundation in Smyrna at Big Oaks Park! For more information on the DASEF Eclipse party please read: DASEF_Eclipse_Party.

For more information about the 10 Best Children’s Activities in Delaware including the Delaware Aerospace Education Foundation, museums, theaters, and more, please visit my latest article here.

If you have a children’s educational activity that you don’t see on the list, please feel free to comment or message me and I can share it on social media.

The 10 Best Spots for Paint & Wine in Delaware!

When you think of wine and paint nights, what do you think of?  A night out with the girls?  Date night?  A way to raise money for a cause with your coworkers?  There are many paint and wine companies in the tri-state area, but these top 10 Paint & Wine companies are the best in Delaware!  Originally published on the Best Things of Delaware blog, please feel free to utilize this list to plan your next Paint & Wine event.

The 7 Best Taco Joints in Delaware

Tis’ the season for good eatin’ and Delaware has 7 of the best taco joints around! The restaurants listed in this Best Things of Delaware edition for the best taco joints are all local to Delaware and have some of the highest quality ingredients, and the biggest followings from their customers. I hear about one in particular that keeps coming up again and again as everyone’s favorite taco go-to place, and that is listed #1 on my list.  To see which taco joint it is and more, visit here.

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Rehoboth Bandstand 3
Rehoboth Beach Bandstand May 2017

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