The “Running Wild” Podcast

Running Wild Anthology of Stories Vol. 2

Hey, everyone! If you didn’t know yet, the Running Wild Anthology of Stories Vol. 2 was officially released on March 15, 2018, by Running Wild Press. In it, my short story, “Rehoboth Beach Break,” makes its literary debut. Tone Milazzo is the creator and director of a podcast dedicated to the talented writers of this anthology with whom I had the pleasure of interviewing with him this past Tuesday.

“Rehoboth Beach Break” is the story of a WBOC reporter and her on-camera debut as she is sent on a wild goose chase in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Angelika Houston is tracking down the pirate who hacked the Rehobie Points rewards app. The tourists and residents of Rehoboth Beach are required to perform the pirate’s demands in order to win back their hard-earned rewards points before the countdown clock runs out. Will they win back their points? Or lose them forever? You’ll find out when you read Angelika’s tale of following her nose as she comes up against the greatest pirate in Rehoboth Beach history.

Some words about the anthology:

Running Wild Press Logo

This diverse collection features more than 20 short works by authors from across North America, in genres including speculative fiction, mystery, women’s fiction, horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Editor Lisa Kastner’s objective was to give voice to the eclectic imaginations of authors whose work transcends the rules of typical genre fiction, including tinkering with forms and cross-pollinating genres. The anthology was designed to free the reader from typical “in-the-box” novel formats, providing a literary experience in a more urgent, concise, and versatile framework. Published by Running Wild Press, 2018.


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