An oldie but a goodie

“Cynthia is a sincere and thoughtful writer. She is filled with innovative thoughts and seeks opportunities to share with others. She continues to build creative relationships with collegues and professionals. She simply sees opportunities in places that others have overlooked. It is a true strength seen in her life and in her writing and professional life,” Katherine Robbins, May 12, 2007

Testimonials from “A Day Trip to the Beach: Recharged in Rehoboth Beach.”

Originally published in April 2017:

I am so with you in the magic if a day at the beach in Rehoboth. It’s been 5 long years since I was last there. Like you I am am author and set my Silver Lake series in the town. Well I was always told to write about places and subjects close to my heart. Great blog. I was right there with you in my mind 💖

I really enjoyed your article. My thoughts of visiting the greatness of the ocean are much like yours. It may be labeled as a vacation for my husband and I; but for me personally it a healing for my soul. Its a soothing that only like minded people will understand.

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